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IECharge launches the beta version of its Autocharge feature to make your charging sessions even easier!

EV Charging Technology


With the August holidays just around the corner, IECharge is launching the beta version of its Autocharge feature. From now on your charging sessions will be even easier! No need to take out your bank card or use our app to start a charging session: just plug the charger into your vehicle and everything is done automatically. With Autocharge, charging your electric car is almost as easy as charging your mobile phone!

After testing our Autocharge with around twenty electric car drivers, IECharge is launching the beta version of its Autocharge for all. This innovative feature automates the entire charging process, saving EV drivers time and improving their user experience.

Autocharge: how does it work?

The first time an EV driver wants to use Autocharge, he or she needs to activate the feature in our IECharge application. This article explains step by step how to activate it on our high performance electric charging stations.

Once installed, it’s possible to start charging and paying automatically, without the driver having to do anything! All the driver has to do is connect the charger to the vehicle and, when the charge is complete, replace the charger in the terminal. The amount is then debited automatically.

By offering Autocharge at its stations, IECharge is once again positioning itself as a highly innovative solution for electric mobility. Simplifying the user experience at electric charging stations provides new arguments to accelerate the transition to electric mobility. By promoting technologies such as Autocharge, IECharge aims to make electric charging even more accessible, especially in rural and suburban areas!


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