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IECharge has its own route planner!

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A new feature is launched on the IECharge mobile app. It’s our route planner! Once you’ve entered your starting point and your destination in our app, your route is automatically calculated. By following the suggested itinerary, electric car drivers will charge at our stations all over France, which offer the cheapest electric charging rate on the market, at 0.30€/kWh.

Using the IECharge route planner couldn’t be easier. First, download our mobile application, available on Google Play and App Store. Then open our app and select the map. You must enter your starting point and your destination. To guide you efficiently, you need to specify your vehicle model, the current state of your battery and the level of charge you wish to have at your destination.

Utilisation du planificateur d'itinéraire IECharge

Your trip across France, charging at IECharge!

Once you’ve entered all this information, the route planner will suggest a route, with stops at our IECharge stations. If there are no IECharge stations near your route, the route planner suggests another charging alternative . For each of your stops, the application indicates your battery level before and after charging. It also specifies the charging time, the price of your session and the number of charging points currently available at the station. Just to remember: IECharge offers the cheapest electric charging rate on the European market, at €0.30/kWh. A good reason to stop at our stations!

Once you’ve completed these steps, it’s time to start your journey! You can choose to open your route on Apple Maps, Google Maps or Waze. The IECharge team looks forward to helping electric vehicle drivers on their summer journeys, thanks to our route planner functionality!

Discover our route planner feature in the video below (in french)!