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A summer promotion on all IECharge® charging stations!

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A summer promotion for your electric vacation! From July 1 to August 31, high-power charging at all IECharge® stations will cost only €0.25/kWh. This promotional offer is available for payments made through our IECharge® mobile application. From Lille to Rennes, from Paris to Lyon or from Brest to Bordeaux, let the app’s route planner guide you and enjoy the cheapest high-power charging on the European market!

For the summer holidays, IECharge® is offering high-power charging at an even more attractive rate.  From July 1 to August 31, your full electric tank will cost you €0.25/kWh, or about €12 for a range of 300km. To take advantage of this exclusive rate, you need to use the IECharge® mobile application. It is available on Google Play and the App Store. Once you’ve registered with the app, everything is designed to make your charging experience as easy as possible!

A summer promotion on all IECharge® charging stations!

Use our app to guide you and above all to take advantage of this exceptional rate.

To find the IECharge® stations closest to you, our app features a route planner: simply register your vehicle model in the app and enter your destination and starting point. It will then automatically suggest a route with stops at nearby IECharge® stations. Once you’ve arrived at a station, select your charging point in the app and press start. The €0.25/kWh rate is automatically applied. For an even easier, smoother charging experience, don’t hesitate to enable the Autocharge feature (all the details on how to install it in this article!).

The days are numbered: D-3 before the start of this summer offer that will allow you to enjoy a well-deserved vacation while benefiting from even more economical electric travel! Please note that the offer is only valid for payments made through the mobile application. It does not apply to transactions paid for by bank card or Electric Mobility Service Pass. This summer campaign is part of our ongoing mission to make electric mobility accessible to all, with affordable charging rates and multiple stations throughout France.

To find out where our 126 stations are located, please consult our map.