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New interface improvements on our charging station screens!

Electric Mobility Technology

Ahead of the summer season, several updates have been made to our IECharge® charging stations. They mainly concern the screen interface of each charging station to make your charging experience even more intuitive and fluid. These latest changes focus on three key areas: improving the responsiveness and reliability of the interface, and simplifying the charging steps.

More responsive and reliable screens

With the updates, our screens now respond more quickly to your touch, making navigation faster and more efficient. Our software has also been modified to reduce screen downtime. At IECharge®, we are committed to continually improving our solution, combining responsiveness with charging reliability.

Charging steps designed for a simple, fluid user journey

With our new customer interface, the steps in the charging process have been carefully analyzed so that clear, concise and useful information appears on the screen. The goal is to make it easy for you to start your charging session and keep you informed throughout the process.

Once you plug in your vehicle, the interface guides you step-by-step. Whether you’re a first-time EV user or a seasoned EV owner, the process is easy to follow. In addition, the display time for each information screen has been adjusted to give you more reading time when the information is dense and conversely when there is little content.

Your payment options are highlighted on the screen. As a reminder, at IECharge® stations you can pay by credit card, through the IECharge® application or with your usual mobility card. In the event of a payment problem, the new interface will tell you why the transaction could not be completed, allowing you to resolve the problem quickly. Everything is designed to ensure that you can continue your charging session without unnecessary hassle.

interface bornes

From the moment you connect to the terminal until the end of your session, get all the information you need !

When you plug the charger into your vehicle, the interface confirms that the connection has been made. It also gives you information about the status of your battery: the state of charge, the power your vehicle can accept, and the time it will take to fully charge your battery.

Throughout the charging process, you will see information about your charging speed. You’ll know your charge rate in real time. The charging speed curve for your session is also displayed. Detailed information about the state of your battery is also transmitted in real time.

At the end of the session, our interface provides a clear summary of your charging session. This includes the total energy distributed, the cost of the session, the duration of the charge, and the initial and final state of charge of your battery. At a glance, you have all the information you need about your charge.

This new version of our interface has been available for a few days now, so all you have to do is try it out on one of our 123 stations! It’s up to you 😊