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Between April 26 and May 13, take advantage of the exclusive 0.25/kWh rate at all IECharge® stations!

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Travel far, charge smart! During your May vacation, take advantage of our special offer: the charging rate is fixed at 0.25€/kWh, at all IECharge® stations. This exclusive offer starts on Friday 26 April at 12 noon and ends on 13 May at the same time. From Lille to Rennes, from Paris to Lyon or from Brest to Bordeaux, stop at one of our charging stations and travel economically.

High-power charging at just €0.25/kWh, that’s pretty good value, but why this price? At IECharge® we want to offer a high-power charging experience “at the same price as at home”. At our charging stations, it takes about 15 minutes to add 300km of range (if your car is able to accept 240kW charging). At home, it takes several hours to charge the same amount of electricity. From April 26 to May 13, you can charge in about 15 minutes at IECharge® for the same price as charging over several hours at home!

In April, the French regulated electricity tariff, or Tarif Bleu EDF, is set at €0.2516/kWh for the basic option, according to the Selectra comparator. The basic option consists of a constant price per kWh of electricity, throughout the day, for the entire month. This is the pricing option chosen by the majority of EDF customers. Our preferential tariff was therefore defined on this basis.

Offre exclusive : la recharge haute puissance à 0.25€/kWh chez IECharge durant deux semaines, paiement via notre application mobile ou par carte bancaire


Use our app to take advantage of this rate and find the Charging Stations closest to you

To take advantage of this offer and find IECharge® stations near you, simply download the IECharge mobile application. It’s available on Google Play and the App Store. Once you’ve registered with the app, use the route planner to enter your destination and starting point. An itinerary will be suggested with stops at nearby IECharge® stations. On site, you can pay for your charge at €0.25/kWh via the mobile app or by credit card. Please note that this offer does not apply to payments made with an EV charging card or an electric mobility pass.

So, the days are numbered: D-3 before the start of this special offer, which will allow you to enjoy the May holidays while benefiting from even more economical journeys! This promotion is part of our ongoing mission to make electric mobility accessible to all, with affordable charging rates and a large number of charging stations throughout France.

To find out more about the 120 charging stations in our network, take a look at our charging station map.